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Tips for Running With Flat Feet

Thursday, 17 August 2023 21:00

flat feet Copy 1Though running with flat feet can be challenging, it is possible to enjoy pain-free runs and improve your athletic performance. Having flat feet can alter the alignment of the lower extremities, which may result in strain on soft tissues and joints. Choosing the right shoes with adequate arch support is crucial. Proper running technique and posture are also essential for flat-footed runners. A podiatrist can advise on the most suitable foot landing, whether forefoot, midfoot, or heel running, and help you to maintain a proper posture during running. Stretching after each run is recommended for flat-footed runners. In addition, it is beneficial to alternate running surfaces, which may help to alleviate strain. Non-impact equipment, such as elliptical trainers or stair machines, are other alternatives. If you are experiencing problems that stem from having flat feet while running, it is suggested that you make an appointment with a podiatrist who can offer custom orthotics that may address the issue and contribute to pain free running.

Flatfoot is a condition many people suffer from. If you have flat feet, contact Dr. Robert Hope of Riverside Podiatry. Our doctor will treat all of your podiatric needs.

What Are Flat Feet?

Flatfoot is a condition in which the arch of the foot is depressed and the sole of the foot is almost completely in contact with the ground. About 20-30% of the population generally has flat feet because their arches never formed during growth.

Conditions & Problems:

Having flat feet makes it difficult to run or walk because of the stress placed on the ankles.

Alignment – The general alignment of your legs can be disrupted, because the ankles move inward which can cause major discomfort.

Knees – If you have complications with your knees, flat feet can be a contributor to arthritis in that area.  


  • Pain around the heel or arch area
  • Trouble standing on the tip toe
  • Swelling around the inside of the ankle
  • Flat look to one or both feet
  • Having your shoes feel uneven when worn


If you are experiencing pain and stress on the foot you may weaken the posterior tibial tendon, which runs around the inside of the ankle. 

If you have any questions please feel free to contact our our offices located in Tuscaloosa, and Fayette, AL. We offer the newest diagnostic and treatment technologies for all your podiatric needs.

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